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A mayoral endorsement for Aspen education

As three former and one current Aspen mayor, we join together in asking for a “yes” vote on the Aspen School District issues.

In doing so, we recognize the role quality education plays in helping our kids and supporting community. We are proud that any kid who wants higher education can get into a school or onto a career using the academic tools and experiences that our schools and skilled educators provide.

The COVID-19 crisis has put more burdens on educators and students alike, imposing more costs and requiring nontraditional, creative responses to the challenge.

In the long run, the school district clearly needs funds for housing and facility upgrades to keep our vital community asset in the forefront of academic and experiential development.

Yes votes on the sales tax questions in Snowmass (2A) and Aspen (2B) do not raise taxes. The 4A question allows bonds to be issued for teacher housing and critical upgrades without raising taxes. Details at YesASD.org,

Please return your ballot to the clerk drop boxes. If you can’t find or didn’t receive a ballot, the clerk will replace it. Registration is available online at Pitkinvotes.com or in person on Election Day, Nov. 3, at the Jewish Community Center on Main Street. Please vote.

Mayor Torre, Rachel Richards, Steve Skadron and Mick Ireland