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A low-class move

Danny Patterson’s commentary in The Aspen Times really drew a red line, as they say (“Landlords put Paradise at disadvantage,” May 15).

To hear that not only were they forced out and given the option to take over the space of P.E. 101 is as insulting as it was to read that the Italian luxury store was going to be “forced” to provide an upscale cafe which would serve high-end ice cream (what the f@$k is that supposed to mean?) in their store. So two scoops of vanilla with only the finest Italian chocolate syrup topped with little gold flakes and mini diamonds will now be served in that store.

This is really a low-class move by the Hecht duo. I remember when my family’s business got a similar ultimatum. Our business (Ute City Bar and Grill) was pushed out by Burberry of London, for much higher rent and a high-end luxury brand (which no longer exists in that location) and it brought basically nothing to this town.

This will continue to happen to local businesses unless we put a stop to it. As a longtime member of this community who has gone through the school system and have had a family-run business in this community, I am not surprised to see this happen again to a local family. Remember that Paradise Bakery employed high school students and others in the community. They helped mold a generation and have been a staple for people to gather and listen to music in the summer or provide hot coffee in the winter with amazing service. And now they have to go. And for what? Another high-end luxury store that no one will ever go into. I didn’t even know what they sold at that store until now.

This is a disgrace. Really, there are no other words except a thank-you for the Patterson family for giving us such an amazing place to eat and get coffee from for so many years. This is the sad truth of where our town is headed. Best of luck to the Patterson family, as well as their employees.

Sasha Coururier

Snowmass Village