A lost perk of Aspen Skico job

Celebrating the gift of an epic ski season, almost day 100, deeply grateful to all who make it happen.

Morning runs on the fresh groomers magic carpet are treasured moments of dancing with gravity that illuminates our hearts and souls. This bliss happens because of many hard-working unsung heroes, some who stay awake all night working tirelessly to provide the greatest conditions on earth.

I recently met a hero, snowcat operator—snowmaker, who has been a part of the Aspen Skiing Co. team 25 years. In sharing his amazing story, riding up over glorious freshly groomed runs, he was emotional. He shared that recently one of his teammates had an unusual accident and collided with a snowmobile. This has never happened, yet it created a policy where snowcat operators can no longer ski down the mountain at the end of their shift.

This policy has taken away one of the great joys he and his team share and love deeply about their job. Those end-of-shift moments filled their mind, body and spirit with life and passion and was a highlight of their day. One run on what they worked so hard to create!

I believe those most deserving of that early morning ticket to happiness are the amazing team of snowcat operators who stay awake all night to make it happen. It is not just a run; it is a core part of their happiness in what they do.

I’m reaching out to our amazing community, celebrating the joy that those first runs bring us all, in hopes you will please help to encourage Skico to re-evaluate that policy recognizing that it is has taken away something that is incredibly important to our hero’s who passionately work incredibly hard brightening all of our lives!

Shaine Ebrahimi


Letter to the Editor