A kick in the gut by KAJX

The gem of carefully crafted nightly jazz shows on KAJX has been rudely and abruptly pulled from the worshipful ears of the Roaring Fork Valley listeners, along with daily Performance Today broadcasts and a slew of others local DJ-hosted music programs. I was shocked to find out the top-notch musical programming by talented local and inspired DJs is being replaced by 24-hour news programs. While I love NPR, I certainly don’t want to hear news, politics, reviews and endless talking 24 hours a day.

Where is the balance?

I see it as a rude slap in the face to local listeners. KAJX is now following a slick, big-city format in a small valley that reveres arts, music and culture. Tammi Terwelp has delivered an insult to the fine, talented volunteer DJs who lovingly provided fine entertainment, and left a gaping hole for those of us who want to listen to fine jazz, classical and other shows. Bring back the music, Ms. Terwelp.

Nancy Collins