A house of lies by the Democrats

As a student of societal manipulation, propaganda dispersal and indoctrination methods, I am 100% convinced that an all-out effort is being made to lay the groundwork to build support so enough indoctrinated people soon beg for government authorities to control society.

It is being promoted through classic racketeering methods. Racketeering is creating a problem, then offering to solve it.

The problem they are creating in the minds of the fearful is a twofold lie:

1. Others are responsible for your health. The social media soldiers promote the message that people are endangering others if they do not wearing a mask. Reality is anyone can wear a mask if they think they need it without demanding others do.

2. A privacy invasive “tracing” method is required for us to be healthy.

If they can convince you of those lies, then the timid and indoctrinated will demand that all: A) Be vaccinated and or “traced.” Or B) They not be allowed to participate in society.

If the Democrats can convince enough people of these lies, then they will have achieved the dream the imperialist elites at the tiptop of the pyramid have been lusting after for a century or more.

Mark Kwiecienski