A higher education benefitting Mother Earth

Oil-drilling fracking uses cancer-causing toxins like benzene mixed with high-pressured water and sand to pierce through Grandmother Earth miles underground.

The toxic soup-waste is then capped with a simple concrete shell that always cracks and makes its way into drinking water sources, or the contamination is transported to counties where “bought off” county commissioners vote behind closed doors allowing the cancerous toxins to be buried there.

Speaking of bribery, it was recently uncovered that some Ivy League universities are bought-off by parents who want their child’s entrance into those schools.

However, around 83 percent of all fracking companies and 96 percent of all chemical companies are owned and/or managed by Ivy school graduates, so what are the big “badge of honor” wealthy parents trying to “buy” from these cancer-causing companies?

There should instead be college “Peace, Wellness, Honesty, Contentment” courses so that the privileged can master those and become honest, fair, Earth-friendly company owners, with the good trickling down onto their employees from above.

Now that’s going to be a good, safe world!

Scott Barta