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A heroic response to Old Snowmass fire

On behalf of all the residents and property owners of the Shield O Mesa area in Old Snowmass, we would like to express our extreme gratitude to the valley’s emergency response teams for their actions during the early morning hours June 13. Members and volunteers of the Roaring Fork Fire Rescue Authority, as well as the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, worked tirelessly through the early morning hours fighting a devastating fire that destroyed the house belonging to our neighbors Clint and Kate, and tragically took the lives of Clint’s parents.

In the light of this unthinkable tragedy, we express our sincere gratitude to the dedicated and well-trained fire crews who were able to keep the intense fire from spreading to the surrounding vegetation, potentially causing further devastation to adjacent properties. 

We especially acknowledge the extreme danger that firefighters faced that night. The house was located at the end of a narrow winding one-lane road at the bottom of a steep ravine. Four large fire trucks negotiated the road that dark night to fight the blaze without being absolutely sure they could turn around. Escape would have been hazardous had the ravine’s surrounding walls caught fire, blocking the route. When the first trucks arrived, the surrounding oak brush was already on fire and spreading, not to mention the house itself with exploding log beams caving in. A few of us watched (trying to assist without getting in the way) as all the trucks dutifully stopped single file right in front of what could only be described as a nightmare. There the response teams hooked up hoses and went to work, no questions asked. 

We want to acknowledge the courage and selfless efforts of a well-coordinated response from our valley’s emergency response teams, both professional and volunteer, that took place that night. Your heroic efforts did not go unnoticed. 

Shield O Mesa area