A formidable challenger for Tipton’s seat

I am so excited that Diane Mitsch Bush will be running to take Scott Tipton’s congressional seat. She is the best legislator who I have ever seen, cheerfully working across the aisles to get collaboration and pressing for egalitarian legislation that works for all of us.

It was interesting to see the effect of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson breaking up the vote for Hillary. Both visited Russia and both were unsuitable to serve, but their 6 million liberal votes doomed Hillary’s potential win. Not that she minded because she knew she would be hounded for at least 4 years before it was possible to get anything done.

At least Obamas’ stunning legacy of serving the health, safety and welfare of the American people and Earth, despite a hostile Congress, would not have been shredded.

Instead we got an orange wrecking ball and a zombie cabinet shredding machine.

John Hoffmann