A former councilman’s Basalt endorsements

Of the three Basalt mayoral candidates, two stand out as having the political sensitivity, experience and vision to lead the town forward: Bill Kane and Rob Leavitt.

I support Bill Kane for mayor, with Leavitt as a close second. Voters should choose Kane first on the ballot and Leavitt second. That will help ensure that one of them ends up in the winner’s circle.

Both Bill Kane and Rob Leavitt have many years and hundreds of hours of involvement with Basalt schools, culture and the arts, as well as holding past official positions. Both have a balanced approach to key town issues such as small-town character, growth, affordable housing and business vitality.

They have the proven character and ability to build consensus to lead the town in the right direction

For Basalt Town Council, Jennifer Riffle, Glenn Drummond and David Knight stand out as the most thoroughly qualified.

Riffle has already proved to be a capable and detai- oriented town councilor. She is the “second pair of eyes” for the council, giving everything a second look and asking the right questions. She deserves a second term on the new council.

While I am less familiar with Drummond and Knight, they appear to be quite knowledgeable about the issues facing the town and the workings of local government. They have made the extra effort to reach out to current and former members of town government for background and advice.

All three candidates appear to share a common positive vision of our town and an inclusive attitude.

Vote for Jennifer Riffle, Glenn Drummond and David Knight.

Bernie Grauer


Letter to the Editor