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A few clarifications concerning Aspen School District

Re: the troubling situation at the Aspen School District. As I have ended up being quoted several times, I hope to use this forum to clarify a few misconceptions.

1) Nepotism does not refer to teachers marrying each other. That would be silly, and does not meet the definition “the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.” Teachers don’t hire each other. Rather, it refers to John Maloy hiring his inexperienced daughter to fill the highly placed role of district psychologist.

2) The slide in our rankings is a bummer, but it is also the truth. I am sorry that is a downer, but I believe it is better to shed light on our reality than to stick our heads in the sand. The district can spin the information, but every public school in the state is judged the same way. Even if the test changes, it changes for all. Why bring it up? The slide speaks to morale.

3) This is all about supporting our principals, teachers and children. If you want them happy and healthy, sign the petition.

Bettina Slusar