A failure to disclose

Now regarding “columnist” Mick Ireland’s little report on “The Russians are coming … yawn” (March 7, Aspen Daily News). Besides making light of an international crisis and war at Europe’s door, with commensurate atrocities and U.S. abdication of the responsibilities we signed up for to defend the territorial sovereignty of the nations who gave up their nuclear weapons in the Budapest Memorandum of 1993, he makes a remarkable omission in his reporting, and leaves something glaring behind his sunglasses.

I remember learning what lying by omission was right around the time of the signing of that memorandum. I was 13. Now, I’m not calling Mick a liar, but I am calling him a lawyer. How could neither he, nor the newspaper that published this insult to all our intelligence and decency, disclose that he worked as a political operative for the very Gorsuch Haus development that was the main subject of his column? He was paid to run offense for the pro-1A propaganda campaign and to provide voter intelligence that was part and parcel of his “successful” political career in this hamlet.

If it wasn’t for Mick’s work on behalf of the pro-1A campaign, and the voter rolls he shared, does anyone really think it would have passed, having barely snuck by with a supposed 26 vote majority? For such gross irresponsibility as failing to mention such a relevant fact as he ranted away about “us and them,” those developers and we the people, I hope he is relegated to the letters section of the papers with the likes of yours truly

Andrew Scott