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A dubious attack on Mullins’ record

Michael Behrendt is guilty of a cardinal mistake in his attack on Ann Mullins and advocacy for Torre (“Hauenstein and Torre are on people’s side,” Commentary, April 4, The Aspen Times).

He presents clearly erroneous facts attempting to paint Ann Mullins as “pro development” while at the same time ignoring Torre’s record when he was a member of council.

He makes accusations against Ann, but the public record for each of the projects reveals:

• Little Annie’s — she was not on council when the decision was made

• Cooper Street Pier — she was not on council when the decision was made

• Hotel Aspen — recused and did not participate

• Crystal Palace — the approval process has no variances

• Gorsuch Haus — to date she has not supported the project (a shifting target apparently supported by Ward Hauenstein).

In contrast, Torre while a member of council 2003 top 2005, consistently supported development. There were votes on 16 infill ordinances and amendments. He voted “yes” to all.

Behrendt’s letter thus contains flat-out errors and is obviously misdirected. Whether fake facts or studied ignorance, either way, Michael, you (and those you advocate for) owe Ann Mullins an apology.

Neil B. Siegel