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A darker shade of dark

Turns out dark is not dark enough, that what is wanted is absolute dark. We know this because of what will likely follow the Kennedy SupCo resignation. It leaves the way clear for trump—trump! the bankrupt hotelier, the most ignorant man to ever to become president of this once-fair republic, this cultureless, petless lout, this authoritarian who never saw an autocrat he didn’t love and a freely-elected ally he didn’t despise, a man wholly free of human sympathy and a stranger to truth and fact, this devoted cruelty buff absent remorse—it leaves the way clear for him to shape the court, and thereby American life, for decades, to a point from which we’ll not be able to turn back. Basic rights will come under heavy siege and now is the time to reserve nothing by way of opposition. Yet the American left—liberals, Democrats, progressives, social democrats and all combinations thereof—are divided. They’re divided, I say, into to those who want to proceed cautiously, and those who say, Don’t let ‘em breathe. The latter are those who see a Trumpite in a restaurant and ask her to leave or tell him he’s an asshole. This response is perfect in that it matches the person with what she or he can actually do. And though the “86” response seems to have caught on, there are those, nominal trump opponents, who wring their hands and talk about the need for “civility,” which translates into, May we show you the dessert menu? Obviously, this group, the namby-pambys, many of them elected representatives, have yet to open their eyes to the trump darkness. Well, they’d better come awake for this SupCo confirmation battle. If there’s something to be done they’d better find it and do it and forget about the niceness. Chances are we’ll lose and trump’s nominee will be seated, back in the corner where Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch whisper their indecencies, but the fierceness of the opposition would be on record, ready to tap at a later date.

Don’t let ‘em breathe!

David Chamberlain