A dangerous proposition by Ascendigo

I have lived in Missouri Heights for 17 years and am writing to express my concerns about the Ascendigo project. First of all, it will have a negative impact on the neighborhood in various ways with the additional traffic of the estimated 450 more cars a day.

The application does not meet the land-use standards for the change proposed in several areas, the first being is it violates the preservation of the rural nature and character of this area by being incompatible in the proposed size and use and a negative impact on what are already scarce water resources. This area is very susceptible to wildfires and there is limited access to evacuate from the area as experienced July 4, 2018. If the fire had been moving faster than it was, many lives would have been lost.

We cannot afford an increase in this size for this very reason along with the water issue. As of this date, Spring Park Reservoir is quite low for this time of year.

This proposal is thoughtless in many ways, narrow-sighted and should not be allowed.

Melinda Fouts

Missouri Heights