A dangerous playground at Wagner Park

I’m writing to you in hopes of gaining locals’ attention of the “Molar” or “Tooth” play structure in Wagner Park.

Recently around 11 a.m., my daughter and son were climbing on the children’s play structure in Wagner Park. One of the dog owners told me the locals call it the “Molar.” My kids climbed to the top, as I’m guessing many kids do since it’s all connected and easy to climb. My almost 8-year-old daughter then was turning to come down and fell from the top. Thankfully she was able to stand on her own and passed the doctor’s checks.

The play structure is incredibly dangerous. Aside for the definite need for a rope or something around the top, it is too high for parents to see if there is ice. In speaking with the city of Aspen, there is one caution sign facing the inside of the park and not the pedestrian walkway. We never saw the sign. I was also told that the play structures “meets necessary requirements” and the city hasn’t gotten a lot of negative feedback regarding the structure. Matt Kuhn, with the city of Aspen, said he understands the issues and is open to ideas on how to make the play area safer.

The park district of Aspen has something incredibly dangerous as a climbing structure for kids. This is a recipe for disaster. I will be forever grateful that my daughter walked away from the 11-foot fall with only bruises. This structure is dangerous and it is only a matter of time before something deadly happens to a child.

Please reach out to the city of Aspen with your concerns and ideas on how to alert visitors to the danger.

Thank you.

Melissa Richlen