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A Crystal Trail of money

It’s been projected that as few as 100 people a year will actually ride the Crystal Trail all the way from Carbondale to Redstone during the summer months, when it is open. That would not be much benefit for the estimated $100 million price tag. I’m sure that the residents of this valley would prefer the money be spent improving cell service or internet access, or even better police protection, rather than a trail that is almost universally opposed by those most affected.

One wonders why Open Space and Trails and the commissioners would support this boondoggle. Well, $100 million is a lot of money, and where there is money, there is influence. Who the hell is pushing this trail? Somebody stands to make a lot of money on a blank check project like this. Who?

I assume that Open Space and Trails and the commissioners are simply misguided, and believe they are acting for the good of their constituents, but one gets the impression that they have already made their decision and are not open to questions or concerns regarding this project. Hence the frequent hatchet jobs that appear in the local papers masquerading as news reporting or commentary.

The Pitkin County residents who live in the Crystal Valley get very little in return for their tax dollars compared to Aspen. It is ironic that all this money could be spent to degrade the very thing that makes this valley special. I think that the commissioners should stop pushing their personal agendas, and start listening to and representing the will of their constituents.

Lee Hollowell

Crystal River Valley

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