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A counterpoint to Marolt column on abortion

I recall hearing that the biggest response to one of Roger Marolt’s articles was after Roger wrote that he hated snowboarding. I hope that last week’s column — “It’s about saving lives … and souls” — gets equal attention.

Once I got over the cringe-worthy term, “man’s law,” I tried to absorb the Utopian existence that Mr. Marolt thinks would change minds and hearts on abortion (“It’s about saving lives … and souls,” commentary, Jan. 29).

In response, I ask that the following “in the meantime” action items be considered:

— Start sex education at a young age and keep it going. Simply put, abortion can be prevented by not getting pregnant.

— Consider that not all abortions are born out of fear. Pregnancy can be unwanted, unsafe and/or dangerous both physically and psychologically.

— Acknowledge there is a difference between “unwanted child” and “unwanted pregnancy”; and both exist.

— Understand that abortion laws are needed to protect (and save the lives and souls) of women, and their right to choose.

— Accept that the argument of when a fetus/pregnancy becomes a “child” is heated and complex; a balanced argument uses morality, ethics, philosophy and the law.

— Remember there are complex physical and psychological impacts of pregnancy; only a women’s body truly carries this impact.

— Recognize that women deserve the right to choose, and, if their choice is to terminate a pregnancy, women deserve the right to do so safely and without judgment.

Thank you for your time.

Stephanie Cybruch


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