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A con-man demagogue is in charge

During the Republican primary, I was dismissive of an insulting bloviating Trump. He was cheap entertainment. When he won the primary I was pleased, because, in my mind, no one so obnoxious and unqualified could ever ascend to the most important job in the world. He would lose, for sure.

When he won in November I was devastated that enough Americans would buy into Trump’s P.T. Barnum-like “exaggerations” and false claims including he won by the “landslide” he has subsequently claimed. Before the inauguration I was hopeful that he would moderate himself, stop tweeting and act like an adult.

Today, one week into a Trump presidency, I am frightened. Frightened for the country, for my family and even for the world. He has surrounded himself with the most inept, unqualified and obnoxious set of close advisers I can remember. He has proven to be myopic in his views and petty and punitive toward any critic or criticism. He has fixated on numbers, the numbers who did not vote for him the numbers who did not attend his coronation and the 20 percent tariff he would place on exports from Mexico. Obviously having never considered the increased cost of goods imported. Such will be the result of the unnecessary wall he guaranteed that American taxpayers would not have to pay for. So is this president a liar or a delusional maniac? Will his policies show that he has vision or will he be unable to comprehend that his actions have consequences? In just one week he’s shown that he lacks the capacity for self control of his thoughts. Continually his loyalists have had to invent an explanation of what the “boss” really means.

To use a common Trumpism, this presidency is quickly becoming a disaster.

David Kahn

Aspen and Boca Raton, Florida

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