A call for translated COVID-19 info

I appreciate your informative full-page guide about COVID-19. I am a 40-year resident of Aspen, working in food service all those years alongside our fellow Latino community. In my experience, in general, I would say our fast-paced American society has put a damper on much of their ability to absorb all the crucial information they need to process to assimilate effectively in regards to social-cultural practice, or in this case, social distancing and self isolation during an epidemic. Touchy subject, eh?

Therefore, I ask the question: Why wouldn’t our local press print this very crucial information in Spanish alongside every single release that is printed in English? I sadly witness the denial of the seriousness of this virus everyday. The press really needs to step up its information responsibility to the appropriate language in order to put some teeth into the message.

We are doomed to failure unless everybody participates, all the time.

Jeff Spiroff