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A call for community collaboration

My high-level view of world politics is that populism has universal appeal. I believe people (the root of populism) want to rule themselves. Power to the people sums it up. When people think their government is not responsive, they rebel. The expression of rebellion takes many forms, from letters to the editor, election of candidates, to yellow vest protest, and even to revolution. The result is a barrier between government and the people.

My desire is to remove that barrier in Aspen. Early public engagement is key. Effective and timely communication is of utmost importance. Aspen is at a junction point. We are in the process of choosing a new city manager. Right now is the time for you to become involved and engaged in the process. May 13 and 14t are the kick-off dates for the recruitment process. Do not wait until early August, when a new manager has been selected. If you have constructive ideas on how to make city government responsive and collaborative with citizens, present them now.

By May 24 a candidate profile for our new city manager will be complete. Your ideas need to be expressed at the kick-off stage. What attributes do you want in a city manager? What are your ideas for community engagement? I was honored to serve on the selection committee to choose the executive search firm. Peckham and McKenney has been hired by the city to conduct a national recruitment for our new city manager. They will be in Aspen to conduct community listening sessions on May 13 and 14. Please plan to attend one of the sessions and help make Aspen a model of community and government collaboration.

Ward Hauenstein

Member, Aspen City Council