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A burning issue in Aspen, rest of the valley

“This is the year we have the highest risk in losing a subdivision or a town.” “I’m on hyper alert, there is no reason to believe that our luck is going to hold.” These are statements from Scott Thompson and Valerie MacDonald regarding the current wildfire situations. (“The heat is on and fire is on the horizon for the Aspen area,“ June 13, The Aspen Times ).

Right next to this article is a picture of old Smokey and a sign stating fire danger is “Moderate.” The article then mentions fire bans are likely coming earlier this summer than in past seasons, due to worsening conditions. “If I was a betting man, I would put the over-under on two weeks,” Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said.

Why on God’s not-so-green, but very dry and crispy earth, would you not implement fire bans now!? And change that sign to “Extreme” because fire conditions are! Why wait till all the campers want Fourth of July campfires, and tourists smoke butts anywhere they like, and lightning may or may not strike, or someone shoots tracer rounds and maybe a subdivision burns does burn down!

There is hardly enough water in the reservoirs, lakes and ponds to pull buckets out of for airdrops. Talk is cheap; wildfires are not! Please, be proactive now, because the poop is most certainly gonna hit the fan at some point this summer, and probably sooner than later! Why wait to act?

Everyone, please be smart!

John Norman


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