A blow-by-blow mayoral race analysis

The showplace for a mayoral race showdown takes center stage in the Aspen boxing circus ring between Torre and Dr. Lee Mulcahy.

The incumbent Torre also teaches tennis in this ski town. There is Dr. Mulcahy, a former elite Aspen Skiing Co. ski instructor with a doctorate degree, who taught skiing to moneybags who flew him around in jet planes.

In these unusual modern times of seemingly continuing shocks and crises, the city of Aspen, the Aspen Skiing Co., the business community, unemployed residents, and voting residents need an Aspen mayor to be a money-attracting showman.

Such a showman mayor showcases the city to skillfully entertain and grab the frequent curiosity and attention of the ski industry, tourists, pop culture, Hollywood, the rich, the fashionistas, the glitterati, the literati, and the paparazzi.

He does this with bravo and creativity.

So is Dr. Mulcahy or Torre your needed showman in this showdown to showboat Aspen worldwide for your continued pursuit of happiness, money and quirky fame?

In closing, do consider if either mayoral candidate has a divided or questionable American patriotic loyalty because of dual, triple, or quadruple citizenship?

Show up to vote to make this ballot choice a real showstopper showing who can best showoff Aspen, handle overwhelming stress and boldly confront troubles!

Emzy Veazy III