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A bike-friendly suggestion

The $20,000 bike locker experiment mentioned in Monday’s article failed to fly because commuters want expediency and efficiency (“Aspen’s $20K bike locker experiment has yet to gain traction,” The Aspen Times). There are approximately 20 bikes left at Rubey Park that I assume are commuters like myself who take the bus and ride back and forth to their offices, using Rubey Park as their day or overnight parking.

It would be less expensive and more efficient for the city to provide sheltered bike racks at Rubey Park for commuters who already are minimizing autos on the road. Rubey Park is the final destination for most commuters and the only BRT stop in the valley that does not support its bike commuters with shelter. The BRT has been a great addition to the valley, but for the last leg of working commuters, a de-iced derailleur and dry derriere might give incentive to an auto-less commute.

Teresa Salvadore