A bigger Aspen airport to serve the aristocrats

Thank you, Pat Hunter, for pointing out the obvious (“One environmental impact too many,” letters, The Aspen Times Jan. 22, 2017).

Expanding the airport will bring more noise and air pollution.

The valley residents do not need or want a larger airport.

I’ve heard the argument that planes like the Canada Regional Jet will be fazed out, so we need a bigger runway for its replacement. That’s BS. The CRJ and the Embraer ERJ-145 service small airports throughout the world. There is a need for that size aircraft and they will continue to be built.

Yes, the consultants tell us we need a bigger airport. Duh, that’s what they were hired to say.

The terminal needs work. But a huge new terminal with a mega car garage?

Who will park there? The riders of the light rail? Oh, yes, another $500,000 study.

Residents and commuters have made it clear that extending Main Street to the roundabout is the logical solution to all the cars idling on Main Street. How much air pollution will that eliminate?

As Pat pointed out, Mister Billionaire needs a bigger jet to stroke his ego, so we need to build a bigger airport.

Charles Hopton