A bad deal for Aspen

In reference to the articles in both papers regarding Peter Fornell’s admitting to spray painting the Gorsuch window, I take offense in Jeff Gorsuch saying his behavior is scary and unbalanced.

Jeff should know many people in this town feel the same way as Peter does. My family has known Peter for many years and he’s certainly not unstable or unbalanced. And I’m sure Gorsuch employees did not find this incident scary as Jeff implies. Peter expressed his frustration in the wrong way and he has expressed his remorse for that. As a longtime resident in Aspen, I was never in favor of the Gorsuch project from the start as I see no added value in selling off this integral part of Aspen Mountain. The west side of the mountain will be forever changed and not in the spirit of what Aspen used to be about.

Mary Upton