5G will harm Aspen’s health

“Say to Countryside goodbye

When even healthy people die”

Olle Johannsen — Swedish guru of electrical sensitivity

Over 200 scientists and doctors from 35 countries have signed a declaration to officials of the European Commission demanding a moratorium on the increase of cell antennas for planned 5G expansion.

The implementation of 5G and its related infrastructure will clearly intensify the existing concentration of unnatural EM radiation. This will be done without a full investigation of potential consequences to human health.

We are already confronting a pandemic which weakens—or is a function of the body’s debilitated immune system. 5G radiation will act as an amplifier which weakens it more, and which may cause serious oxidative damages within the body—and instigate free radical damages which have never been considered—and which can weaken overall health to the point of lowering resistance to other health concerns. Some would argue that free radical/ oxidative damages caused by the toxicities in our environment, fear and stress levels, nutritional deficiencies, and EF, EM and MMW radiation – are all actually the most significant contributors to diseases of all kinds in our population.

We are electrical beings — dependent on a fine electrical balance within our cells — our hearts — our brains! To assault this balance 24/7 with an untested technology seems like madness!

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennas without a single biological test has got to be the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.” —

These antennas are already being planned and placed in Aspen without our approval and without consideration for our long-term health.

If you speak with those performing the installations, they will tell you they have specific orders not to discuss health concerns to anyone.

Antennas every 500 feet — signals as much as 100 times stronger than 4G

Do the math—think for yourself! Don’t be a sheep!

David Dawson