5G, vaccines and fluoride: windmills they’re not

Sometimes it’s nice to be recognized as a scientist or a doctor. After studying the sciences for more than 45 years and having my clinical practice for more than 35 years, I feel that I have at least put my time in.

During that time, I have not put any focus into windmills. Some of my ancestors may be disappointed in that since I am of Dutch ancestry.

My focus has been to look at the different stressors that have a negative impact on our health. People are sicker and more stressed than ever before. Constant chronic low grade physical, chemical, emotional, toxic, and electromagnetic forces are creating harmful effects on the brain and the body.

An increasing number of scientists and doctors are becoming more aware of the stressful world that we are living in and the devastating effects it is having on our health.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the leader of the Children’s Health Defense, is leading the way and pushing for children’s health, justice, medical freedom and truth. He has had victories against Monsanto.

In looking for answers for the increase in cancers, autoimmune diseases, neurological dysfunctions, and numerous diseases, some issues are blatantly clear.

Questions concerning 5G, fluoride, vaccines, and their lack of safety studies are becoming obvious concerns for those who have investigated these topics.

As RFK Jr. has stated, “The greatest crisis that America faces today is the chronic disease epidemic in America’s children.”

Windmills are not that big of an issue compared to these.

Tom Lankering