5G proponent — consider the source

A recent letter by Nick Ludlum responded to a letter questioning 5G.

His letter struck me as the type of rhetoric I have heard from the telecommunication industry before.

After doing a bit of research, I found that “l and behold”his letter is directly from the industry. Mr. Ludlum is very involved with CTIA. CTIA stands for Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association.

He oversees CTIA’s communications, public affairs and event teams. He also leads communications strategy for this trade association’s efforts for the deployment of 5G as well as other wireless projects.

In other words, his job is to disseminate misinformation and untruths.

For example, the usual rhetoric refers to the FCC, which is a captured agency of the telecom industry. It does whatever the industry dictates.

How else could laws be passed that take away a local community’s rights to question the health and safety of a technology? This industry is more interested in their profits than our health.

As stated, before in a U.S. Senate hearing, under oath, the CEOs of the telecom industries stated that there have been zero independent safety studies.

Our local city councils have their hands tied due to federal laws.

Progress is being made for David to beat Goliath.

Be prepared for more untruths to be disseminated.

There are local and state groups working to delay 5G until safety studies prove that it will not cause harm.

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Dr. Tom Lankering