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5G dangers can’t be denied

People are starting to wake up to 5G.

While the telecommunications industry is doing its best to defraud, deceive and bully its way toward making incredible amounts of money, citizens around the world and the country are waking up to the dangers of this technology.

Do we want to take a wait-and-see approach? Is this something that we really want to take a chance with?

Unfortunately, 5G will probably not give us that luxury. There already are situations around the world where 5G installation has been initiated. The results are devastating.

Wireless technology has had a strong correlation with severe effects on human, animal and plant health. These events have largely been ignored.

The industry has no conscience when it comes to promoting false information.

The Federal Government National Toxicology Program (NTP) issued a report in 2018 which showed that there is unequivocal evidence that this radiation causes cancer, DNA destruction and other damaging health effects.

The FCC along with lobbyists are fast tracking 5G implementation.

One of the biggest myths promoted is that we cannot stop 5G. There are now communities around the world who realize this deception and have organized to stop 5G.

Small cell towers are the trojan horse to the installation of 5G.

The bottom line? There are zero safety studies about 5G even though there are thousands of studies showing the dangers. It’s time to become aware and get involved to stop this travesty before it’s too late.

Tom Lankering