3rd district will feel consequences of Boebert

On the very night of President Biden’s inauguration, I see Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson (sounds like a bad ’70s cop show), bashing the new president for rejoining the Paris climate agreement.

Carlson was arguing that President Biden was more concerned about the people of Paris. He doesn’t understand that Paris is just the city where the agreement was signed by 174 other countries. The very next morning , the very first letter to the editor reads “Lauren Boebert Deserves deserves your respect.“

Hypocrites. The letter actually goes one to call Boebert a patriot. That’s not only hypocritical, it’s dead wrong. Caring only about the Second Amendment doesn’t make you a patriot. Nor does tweeting about the House speakers’ location during the Jan. 6 attempted coup. Which are the only two things Boebert has done so far in office. Oh, and she voted against impeaching the guy who incited the riot that led to the attempted coup.

You’re right, Roger, elections do have consequences, and those of us who live in the Third Congressional District are going to have to live with Boebert and her Qanon conspiracies for the next two years.

Jeff Limongelli


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