350 Roaring Fork has my support

In response to the guy who wrote the letter to the editor on Feb. 8 called “Let’s divest 350 Roaring Fork of its influence,” I say, “Climb aboard and help in the cause of our lifetime.” I

want the balance of nature. I want snow. I want pikas and ptarmigans to survive. I want water. I want to keep on skiing. I want forests to thrive not burn. I want a healthy planet for people to live.

I signed the petition and am proud as can be of the Aspen City Council for its positive response. You all are to be congratulated for seeing that the fight against climate change means curbing the flow of money away from climate destruction.

I don’t know Will of 350 Roaring Fork group, but I’d like to. If he’s the “chief enviro loudmouth” as you put it, then I salute him for his leadership and volubility.

Jimmy Stone

Glenwood Springs