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2A leaves too much to chance

I’ve lived in Aspen for over 40 years and have greatly enjoyed many of the various arts offerings including theater, music, dance and museums, and agree that some of these probably need more financial support from the City. But ballot measure 2A is far too vague.

There is no specified limit on the amount of Wheeler money to be taken from that fund, there is no specification on where the money will go other than “The Arts,” and there is no end date. This sounds like a blank check with no clear restrictions. Why not use a portion of the surplus Wheeler funds to support the locals where there is a real need for child care, housing and health? Instead, there should be a ballot measure asking for a reasonable increase to the amount allowed each year for the arts to be taken from the Wheeler surplus, and be more specific than “The Arts” on where our tax dollars will be going.

Marcia Poutous