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10-gallon remarks don’t fly in Aspen

To Mr. Hairston of Dallas regarding his inept commentary on Aspen and COVID-19 (“Living in fear will be Aspen’s demise,” letters, Aug. 24, The Aspen Times:

It appalls me that you are telling the people of Aspen how we feel and that we are living in fear. We are living in fear and anger, but not because our local government is trying its best to protect the health, jobs and safety of our community.

We are living in fear and anger because of people like you who come into our small community from a free-for-all COVID-19 hot spot, with little or no desire to take precautions to protect others around you. Did you do a 14 day-quarantine? No need to answer; we all know the answer.

Dallas has about 450 hospitalized patients (Aug. 21) and 445 suspected new COVID-10 cases awaiting confirmation. You expressed dismay at being asked to wear a mask at the Sundeck, as if the rules apply to everyone but you. Your translation from the manager at the Sundeck who berated you for not wearing a mask was totally inaccurate.

He wasn’t expressing fear that the county would shut the restaurant down; he was expressing anger at you for being so arrogant and indignant while having the privilege of visiting our little town, and being very disrespectful to him and the rest of us in this community. We have tried our best to keep our numbers low, wear masks, social distance, all the while not closing our doors to outside visitors who potentially and probably are bringing in the virus, and not quarantining. Our airport is open, so if you do not like our rules and regulations implemented to protect our citizens here, feel free to leave anytime. I feel threatened by your attitude and lack of concern for others around you. Shame on you!

Jackie Pagnucco