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Letter: Think clean energy when you vote

I am writing on behalf of The American Renewable Energy Institute and that of the AREI board to express our endorsement and full support of national, state and local candidates and initiatives that are proactive on climate-change solutions and have strong platforms and implementation strategies for the transition from fossil to clean energy in addressing the climate crisis. It is our opinion and that of the world’s leading scientific community that the window is rapidly shrinking to make the transition from a worldwide economy based on the extraction and burning of fossil fuels to a worldwide economy based on the rapid implementation of renewable, sustainable and energy-efficient technologies at the speed and scale necessary to solve the problem.

We now know that renewable energy, along with utility-scale battery storage, can provide the base load necessary to serve civilization’s needs for all of its electrical generating capacity. Coupled with the rapid decrease in the price of solar and wind technologies, along with the emerging electric vehicle market and the retrofit of the built environment, we now have the opportunity to move into a new energy-efficient and sustainable world. Therefore, I urge you, when going to the polls on Nov. 8 or when you mail in your ballot, that you vote for all candidates and initiatives that support a new, clean-energy economy for the sake of our children and all future generations to come.

Chip Comins

Chairman and CEO, American Renewable Energy Institute

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