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Letter: The passion of Scott Writer

As someone who knows the challenges as well as the profound joys of living in a place like Pitkin County at a young age, I am grateful to see a candidate with such energy zest, and passion for the place I have known as home for a short yet rewarding year and a half.

Scott Writer is a veteran of our community — he is knowledgeable and experienced, bringing both vision and unwavering optimism to the table. It is refreshing to have a candidate who is not only qualified for the position but one we can truly feel excited about. Writer has paid his dues as a longtime local, he has worked in many industries, has had many personal and professional successes and has raised three amazing children (and dear friends) with his wife of 28 years, Suzanne.

Scott wants what he has had in way of opportunity in Pitkin County to be possible for the next generation. I believe a vote for Scott Writer is one for the sustained future of Pitkin County as well as a vote for vision, working to make this beautiful place desirable and attainable for both residents and visitors for generations to come.

Alexandra George