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Letter: The fix is in for Hillary

Let’s all take a big breath for a minute during this crazy election. Only a true left-wing drama queen would think Trump is calling for the demise of Hillary. Put her in jail, yes. Kill her, no. Get real here folks. Let’s admit what this really is. It’s an attempt by the media to distract from all the many scandalous things she has done. Let’s face it, the fix is in for Hillary from the DOJ to NPR, including the main stream media. They all have proven that they will whitewash any problems that arise when it comes to her no matter what. Good job by the DNC fixing this election by the way. The GOP should take note but I bet they are not smart enough to. HIllary is the most flawed candidate this country has ever seen and anything that will cause us to look the other way is good for her. Nothing to see behind the curtain, folks. Starting back when she was thrown off the Watergate legal group for lying to now with the Clinton Foundation’s “questionable” deals, she is crooked. Is this what we have come to as a country where this type of business is OK? Don’t be fooled that the Trump/2nd amendment drama is anything more than a distraction for Hillary. People, you are smarter than that. If not, you shouldn’t be voting. This election will definitely be the lesser of two failed candidates but one is a wild blowhard showman few of us would even have a drink with, the other a self-centered crook we wouldn’t let babysit our kids. Which one will do the least damage? I stand with the candidate that has praise for our law enforcement and troops.

William Griggers

New Castle

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