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Letter: The Clintons and corruption

The Clintons and corruption

Months ago the director of the FBI, James Comey, stood before cameras and enumerated Hillary Clinton’s crimes. Half of America rejoiced; finally justice would be served.

Then, in a surreal moment, justice turned to bitter anguish as Comey ruled no reasonable prosecutor would recommend an investigation.

Comey’s justification was legal fiction. He declared Hillary innocent because she had not demonstrated criminal intent. Bullshit: Mishandle government secrets and it’s a small cell for a long time, intent or not.

Ask William Binney, who exposed government spying (he was appalled his technology was being used against U.S. citizens). Binney was convicted of having confidential material on his laptop instead of being showered with our nation’s highest honors.

It seems Comey also forgot that evidence is divided into two equal, distinct categories: direct and indirect. Direct evidence is DNA on a dress, while indirect, or circumstantial evidence, are facts that imply but do not directly prove. A chain of facts or circumstances indicate guilt or innocence. A case based upon circumstantial evidence is just as strong as fingerprints on a smoking gun. And in Hillary’s case, there’s so much circumstantial evidence indicating criminal intent, it is a smoking gun.

While perhaps Comey simply let her off the hook, there may be a different agenda. Remember, in an unprecedented act, the head of the Justice Department abdicated her duty and bestowed it upon Comey, only days after it was discovered she had “accidentally” met Bubba while investigating Hillary. Another event in a long chain of circumstantial evidence implying that the Obama Justice Department is corrupt.

If so, what was Comey to do? If he recommended indicting Hillary, the Justice Department would obviously not rule until after the election. Instead, perhaps because he is a reasonable prosecutor and a patriot, he allowed America to decide its own fate by dropping an ambiguity bomb, a Jedi mind f…, in order to spark a national debate.

It worked! Hillary has been judged far more honestly in the court of public opinion than in a ruling our government may have rendered months from now. Meanwhile, unfortunately, Comey was blind-sided by Carlos Danger sending pics to underage girls and the drama sadly continues.

But, then again, he should have known. Corruption constantly follows the Clintons and drags America into the cesspool of their depravity. Bubba’s impeachment trial was/is a national disgrace.

Will Kesler

Snowmass Village

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