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Letter: Thanks to the Thrift Shop

The Aspen Science Center would like to acknowledge the Thrift Shop of Aspen for the incredible work they do in providing financial support for nonprofits throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. At the heart of this wonderful organization is the dedicated, all-volunteer staff that manages and runs the Thrift Shop so that they are able to grant over 80 percent of their proceeds to nonprofit organizations.

Recently, the Aspen Science Center received a grant from the Thrift Shop of Aspen and we would like to express our gratitude for this support. We are currently in the process of developing and testing a unique preschool science education program and this grant will help to complete this important work. For many years, the Thrift Shop of Aspen has generously supported the Aspen Science Center in the form of financial grants and donated telescopes. Their continued support of our programs is deeply appreciated.

Please support the Thrift Shop of Aspen by donating your gently used goods and shopping at their store.

And, you can support the Aspen Science Center on Colorado Gives Day — Dec. 6!

Keith Berglund

Operations manager, Aspen Science Center

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