Letter: Take a stand, independent voters

As an independent, I want to say something to my fellow independent voters and candidates.

One of two people will be president of the most powerful nation on earth after this election. Don’t kid yourself. Not voting is a vote for one of these two. Voting a third party is a vote for one of these two. There is no one else to blame. The ballot is in your hands.

Yes, it’s a divisive election. Yes, people are heated. If you’re a private citizen, you have the right to keep your vote private. But for crying out loud, vote.

On the other hand, if you’re an independent running for office, well,I don’t know that keeping your vote private at the top of the ticket is the right thing to do. If you watched the Brent Gardner-Smith interview with the county commissioner candidates, you saw that Scott Writer didn’t answer the question saying he was afraid of losing friendships because of a Hillary or Trump vote. What if a decision as county commissioner affects one of those friendships? Exactly how many recusals are we talking about?

Being an independent should mean being able to make the hard choices — regardless of party affiliations.

Ziska Childs



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