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Letter: Supermoons and climate change

Supermoons and Climate Change

Dear friends,

I am suggesting that we begin to use the cycle of the “supermoon,” a 70 year cycle of a brighter full moon, as the increment to measure climate change.

When I recently viewed the 2016 supermoon, I realized that this is my only viewing of the supermoon during my lifetime that I will see.

Having lived in Aspen and Woody Creek from 1988 to 2002, I know that both the state of Colorado and Pitkin County Courthouse both arose during the past two full cycles of the supermoon. The consumption of fossil fuels largely began only just before 1800, when the U.S. Capitol Building was erected in 1800 barely over three supermoons ago.

Four supermoons ago takes us back to 1736, and five supermoons takes us back to 1666, well before the mass consumption of fossil fuel energy.

We have to clean up our act and immediately begin to change the course of climate change now before 2030 or else we will have catastrophic impacts upon our biosphere.


Sven Erik Alstrom

Lawrence, Kansas

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