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Letter: Snowmass welcomes all

We recognize the last few months have been tumultuous with all of the political campaigning and the results of the presidential election. Many community members and our neighbors who work in our community, but live elsewhere, have voiced their concerns and fears about potential changes in the federal immigration policy.

The concerns are far reaching as many families try to seek an understanding as to what the impact might be on them. The truth is none of us knows what, if anything, will change when the president-elect takes office.

However, this is what we do know about our beliefs and how the town of Snowmass Village will respond to any potential changes in federal policy.

We are an inclusive community that honors and respects all races, nationalities and beliefs. We will continue to support and respect the rights of all while following the laws of Colorado and the federal government.

As the future unfolds, we want everyone in our Village to know that all are welcome. We need to honor and respect public discourse and at the same time treat each other with kindness and understanding. Above all else, let’s honor our town’s tradition of inclusivity, respect and kindness to all.

Markey Butler, mayor

Tom Goode, Bill Madsen, Alyssa Shenk and Bob Sirkus, members

Snowmass Village Town Council