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Letter: Smoked out in Basalt

As I write this there is a huge plume of smoke emanating just east of Basalt. It was there Wednesday also. A haze of smoke covers all of Basalt and is especially strong at Southside and the high school. It burns your eyes out there. Because of this smoke, the Rio Grande Trail is unusable from the high school to the east.

I inquired and found out that there is a prescribed burn that the Roaring Fork Club is using to get rid of all the brush and vegetation over the past year. Rather than bringing in a chipper shredder like the kind tree companies use and reducing this material to something that can be composted or used as mulch, they are polluting the atmosphere that everyone has to breathe. The smoke is a magnitude greater than the ditch burning that local ranchers do every spring. Did the Basalt Fire Department issue this permit? How is one group allowed to inflict this on everyone else?

The Roaring Fork Club portrayed itself as an environmentally friendly enterprise when applying to the town of Basalt to be built. Please honor that portrayal.

Gerry Terwilliger


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