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Letter: Skadron eyes Aspen’s greater good

Dear Editor:

In response to Su Lum’s July 10 column, “Opaque Transparency,” transparency is a good thing. Pessimism and prognostication of a potentially disastrous two years because your preferred candidate didn’t win is not.

How about some optimism? The bulk of comments I have read or heard since Mayor Steve Skadron made his decision to appoint Dwayne Romero have been just the opposite of your reaction. There is a renewed sense of optimism that there will be meaningful leadership from the mayor, and that comes mostly from people, like myself, who did not support Steve during the first round.

Rather than paint Romero with the broad “developer” brush, you could say that he is experienced in politics, impassioned about public service, certainly educated beyond most who have sat at the council table.

Most importantly he subjected himself to the process of running for council where he did come in third behind Art Daily and Ann Mullins, which could in itself be viewed as the process coming to a logical conclusion of actually giving people what they voted for (and certainly a more rational process then rolling dice). Instead, you play the blame game.

It seems at best presumptuous that your endorsement of Howie Mallory (In a timely fashion? How did anything sneak up on you? July 10 was just around the holiday corner) would have somehow had an impact … as if you are blaming not just Daily but yourself for the outcome.

Worse yet, your Machiavellian approach that had you only endorsed Torre the whole process would have had a different outcome.

Holding our leaders accountable for their decisions should be part of the process. Back-room politics should not.

Steve’s tie-breaker is a welcome show of what true leadership can be, especially since his decision was made in the public eye. Somehow, I think he is sleeping just fine having made that decision. I’m an optimist and look forward to a council that might tackle issues based on a rational process of public conversation and debate, not just individual idealism.

Michael Goldberg


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