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Letter: Simonton for Eagle County treasurer

Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton is running for Eagle County treasurer, an elected position on the upcoming 2016 November ballot.

As a fellow clerk and recorder, I have known Teak for over 10 years and have observed her efforts in streamlining operations, modernizing elections and applying innovative strategies to improve customer service. As a public servant, her focus has been to best serve her employees, colleagues and constituents.

Teak has always run a tight ship. She has high energy, at point and professional, and she is a leader who accomplishes her goals and challenges. I have witnessed her continually strive for efficiency and effectiveness in operations, while considering customer service foremost. Based on her educational background, her best skill set lies in finance and accounting; based on her passion, her strengths are in organizing and managing complex projects, analyzing intricate systems and data, and solving multifaceted problems. She is diligent, detail centric and gets the job done.

If Teak wishes to use her skills and knowledge and set her next challenge and opportunity to be the Eagle County treasurer, she will strive and deliver a successful operation, while representing the people of Eagle County.

Janice Vos Caudill

Pitkin County clerk and recorder