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Letter: Seeking leads on dog bite

Seeking leads on dog bite

On Oct. 12, my sister and I were visiting Aspen and hiking on Hunter Creek Trail, with my service dog. This was a mandatory leash area and we encountered a woman with three dogs running wild and off leash.

One of her dogs bit me and she refused to give me her name or show me the dog’s rabies tag. Thus, I had to get treatment at the ER and an expensive bill.

The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and the Open Space and Trails ranger have been very helpful in trying to identify this person, but to no avail.

This was a middle-aged woman. One dog was a small terrier type, one was a mid-size to large, long-haired brown poodle-type, and the other dog was of medium size, probably a mixed breed. If any of your readers could identify this woman, please contact John Armstrong, senior ranger with Open Space and Trails, at 970-920-5399 or email


Larry Norby


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