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Letter: Scott Writer will bring fresh skill set to board

I would like to ask everyone to please vote for Scott Writer for our next Pitkin County commissioner.

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Scott for years and in each and every case, he has behaved professionally and respectfully to everyone involved. He has always put his employees first and treated them with respect and consideration. I don’t know a single person who has worked for Scott who wouldn’t speak very highly of him and his ethics. When working on projects, he knows and respects the community, and I have seen him turn down projects that do not meet our community goals or standards. He genuinely cares for the community, he will listen to us and be a zealous advocate for our community. The bottom line, he puts locals first.

Pitkin County residents will have extraordinary leadership with Scott as their next commissioner. He will add layers of skills in renewable energy, real estate, conservation and wetland creation that does not exist on the current board. I was working for Scott back when he was volunteering to get the ARC funded, approved and built and I was greatly impressed by the time and dedication he put into that project for nothing more than a “thank you.” He always does the right thing, and I respect him for that most of all.

Please vote for Scott Writer for Pitkin County commissioner. Scott Writer represents the maxim of what we need from our next Pitkin County commissioner, and he will be our collective voice as a zealous advocate for the locals in this beautiful community we are so fortunate to call “home.”

Cinthia R. Andrews