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Letter: Scott Writer will be a dynamic leader

After watching the presidential debates the other night, I realized how lucky we are to have a civil, intelligent and caring candidate such as Scott Writer running for our county commissioner. In today’s climate, it seems we need someone who will listen to all sides of every issue and can respect all positions and individuals.

Our valley is a microcosm of our nation, a melting pot of all groups. We work together for the common good of all of us, and Scott epitomizes that ethic — to have a visionary working for us to solve housing issues and commercial rent issues for local businesses, to keeping our valley vital, is a blessing.

Specifically, Scott’s programs for locals being able to work, invest and build equity in businesses with his affordable business rental program, as well as his remodeling and equity building programs for affordable-housing owners, is brilliant. These programs will allow our community to stay exciting with local businesses and also keep our socioeconomic mix vital.

To mimic Scott: There is only so much room in this valley, so we better not waste the last opportunities.

We are lucky to have Scott, and I hope he gets to represent us all coming this winter.

Larry Saliterman