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Letter: Schwartz will stand firm for our land

Politics … not something I usually get involved in, but this year is different given what is at stake.

It is election time, and it is time to pay attention! There is a movement afoot to sell off our public lands. This is not a Coloradan idea, or an American one. It is an idea fomented in Utah and pushed strenuously by Rep. Bishop to sell many of our public lands to the state. Because states cannot afford to manage these lands, they would end up being sold to the highest private bidder. This may not sound like a terrible idea, but it is.

Public lands are vital to Colorado, all Western states, our economy and way of life. They are a resource not only to local citizens but for tourism dollars, wholly dependent on public lands being open to all.

I ask my fellow Coloradans to consider that no matter whether you lean left or right, we are all citizens of this magnificent nation and own these unique and beautiful public lands. It is time to come together and do what is best for the common good. We all have a stake in the economy and our environment, and these are the very reasons we choose to live in Colorado.

Here in Colorado, Rep. Scott Tipton has played a supporting role in the congressional anti-public lands movement and the “anti-parks” caucus.

Luckily for Congressional District 3, we have a choice in these matters: We can vote for Gail Schwartz. Gail Schwartz has a record of bipartisan leadership. She has a history as state senator of listening to the people she represents, and works tirelessly on their behalf.

2016 is the National Park Service centennial, and Colorado and other Western states are revered because of our exceptional public lands and National Parks. Gail Schwartz has taken strong stances on agriculture, clean water and women’s issues, but above all, her allegiance to public lands is reason enough to throw away party obedience, and vote for Gail to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

Bruce Gordon