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Letter: Say ‘yes’ to Aspen education

Aspen and Snowmass voters, our children, parents and teachers need you to say “yes” to 2A and 2D! A “yes” vote on ballot questions 2A (town of Snowmass Village voters) and 2D (city of Aspen voters) is a very small price to pay for the quality education our children receive. I appeal to you as a mother with daughters in both Aspen Elementary and Aspen Middle School, as well as an employee of the schools.

Our teachers are working harder than ever and challenging our students in new and inventive ways with higher stakes, and yet our funding continues to decrease. Aspen School District, since 2009, has faced significant funding shortfalls from the state. Only our local funding has maintained the quality experience afforded to all students. As a community we have rallied for our kids in the past. The state is not going to do it; we must again stack hands as a community and say “yes” to 2A and 2D!

Meg Dangler

Parent and teacher, Aspen Elementary School