Boineau: Rock swipers spoil something positive

Painted rocks on Snowmass Village Sleigh Trail: Well, it’s happened. While Deidre, Ruth, AnnKatrine and I have spent many hours having a fun time painting rocks with the intent to show people a little love in the rocks we’ve painted and placed along the trail over the last few years, I was depressed after a walk last Friday and saw someone had taken all the rocks at one time.

This last batch, we had placed 20-plus painted rocks on the trail, with the thought some would be taken and shared with their families, but they were all gone. Someone has spoiled the fun we’ve tried to create for those who enjoy the outdoors in Snowmass Village.

Over time, we’ve had reports of the rocks showing up on other trails in the area, which is great to allow more people to enjoy our craft.

Unfortunately, this last batch of 20 rocks were all removed in a 24-hour period, which has made us question why someone would remove rocks that were intended to bring joy to a lot — not one or two people who might think it is appropriate to destroy or remove these rocks for their personal use.

Bill Boineau

Snowmass Village